Site version history

Current version [v2.0]:

In this current design for my website, I learned many new things: especially in css ( I can basically control the styling for the website from a style sheet alone now!), How to create a dynamic php file system, Some new image editing skills ( which I used for my header image, doesn't it looks great?!), How to create a stylish and easy to use Navigation and many more interesting new skills. I really think I all my hard work is starting to pay off, I'm getting better at design with each design I do and I hope you all will enjoy this new design as I've enjoyed making it. I plan to release my content management system with my next design along with many other new features. On a final note: If you look on the Web design services page you can see what services I'm now offering to the public!

Until next time!- Taity-mini ;)

Past versions:

Version 1.0

In my first design I made for this website, I learned how to use the php:include script for my design and it made my work much easier. The design itself was pretty basic compared to my current designs but it was the best I could do at the time. Overall I was pleased with the end result, afterall it was perfect for a small website which was all I wanted at the time.

Last updated: December 16 2012