About me

Here you all can find information about myself

Personal information:

Hey there! This is the page where you can some information you may want to know about myself, so I'll just introduce myself for those who haven't heard of me before. I won't reveal any too personal information (such as real names, addresses etc) so don't bother asking me about it!

Anyway this should give you a idea of what I'm like: I'm from Scotland, Edinburgh. My intrests are playing guitar, playing games, working out at the gym, taking my dog walks, listening to music and web design of course. I use "Taity-mini"  for my online usernames, besides web designing I enjoying posting on forums, watching on videos and general browsing around.

My Electric Guitar My bass guitar
My Electric Guitar: Fender Squire Strat My bass guitar: Fender Squire J-bass

Web design background:

I started my interst of web design when I was younger, I used a free service on my isp and made a little website about intersts. Since then I learned how to make a basic web page using html and css. Over time my skills increased with each website I made. I gradually learned how to use php effectively with web sites to make them more dynamic I have only recently learned how to use gimp 2.0 to make images for my designs.

I use Visual Web Developer 2010 express edition for my main web design, core ftp le for my ftp uploading, GIMP 2 for my image editing, various browsers for my testing and notepad for basic editing.

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Visual Web Developer 2010 express edition Gimp 2.6
Visual Web Developer 2010 express edition Gimp 2.6
Notepad Coreftp Lite
Notepad Core FTP lite
Last updated: December 16 2012