Here you can view some of your FAQ's. I hope this will answer most of  your questions, if not please contact me!

Q: What is Taity-mini productions?

A: Taity-mini productions is a company that offfers web design and simlier services in edinburgh.

Q: How much experiance in web development do you have?

A: I have about 3 years (started 2007) web development expericance; including html, css, image editing and php.

Q: What software do you use for your websites?

A: I use a various programs for my websites. I use Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition for my main web designing, Gimp 2.0 for my image editing, core ftp le client for my ftp uploading, various browsers for testing and notepad for basic editing

Q: What stage are you with web design?   

A: Well I'm at the stage of web design that I can create a web site with ease. Create a basic layout within a mater of minutes, create basic images with gimp2.0.

Last updated: December 16 2012