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This is the year that I created Taity-mini productions!

 The main idea of creating of Taity-mini productions, started when I was having a conversation on windows live with the webmaster of wildman productions-koen about various projects we were making. I started talking about my clan site host (sitesled.com) had so much downtime recently, koen said he could offer me a sub domain on the wildman productions website, free of charge. I said that sounds wonderful, so within a couple of days the site was live. Since I figured out I have a sweet website to use, I could start designing websites using this website as my main website. I started designing the site. It was pretty basic at the time but it would do for the time being. So I uploaded the first web design for my Taity-mini productions website. The website contain some basic information; about me, about my services, a contact page and link to my forum community

 Once the site was up and running I start to focus on my forum community. It's original purpose was for a forum that my clients could contact me about my services and my projects. Then it came to me that I could probably create this small forum into a small community. So I did just that, I got a few members to start off with, getting bigger and bigger by each month. I was so amazed that so many people would join my small community! To return the favour to my wonderful forum members I upgraded the forum-big time! New similes, new forum styles, more sections, a staff section, a new anti spam system and loads of fantastic features. By the end of the year the forum had over 500 posts!

I did some small projects here and there too. Mostly for clan sites of the populous communities. I also helped some of my friends with their website needs ( I'm also happy to give a helping hand.) Check the past projects for more information.

Taity-mini productions had achieved so much in a small space of time I started working on improving my web design dramatically! But sadly didn't get to finish my new web design for the main Taity-mini productions :(- T.M.P site v2 is planned to be released soon check at the current projects page for more information.

Last updated: December 16 2012