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Winter Updates
Posted on 30/12/09 by Taity-mini
Well we coming to the end of yet another year and the decade in fact! Here's a few updates for you all during the winter season.

Forums upgraded:

I spent sometime for the past  few months upgrading my forums. The forums are now upgraded to Phpbb 3.06, I also installed a few mods including:
If you want to help my forums become active again please registar at my forums and post as much as you can.

Merry christmas!

Yeah I know it's bit late for posting it on the news page but I hope you all had a merry christmas. Also I hope you all like the snowflakes and christmas logo I made for the site.

Site upgrades:

I'm working on updating my site design as I posted in my last update, I'm getting lots of new ideas to add in the new site design so It may take some time to implement these features but I'll keep you all up to date.

Upcoming updates!
Posted on 7/11/09 by Taity-mini
The site design has been restored to the orginal design.

I'm in the process of learning some new mysql+ php skills which I will use to improve the website and make it easier to use. This includes a new, news and updates system which will use information from  a database from the current system which is stored on the webpage itself. Also an easier form system which will make things easier you all to submit your question/comments to me. This will take alot of my time to complete but I will inform you will once everything is completed.

Happy Halloween!
Posted on 30/10/09 by Taity-mini
As you have noticed I have been working on a halloween design for the site and here it is! The whole design follows a "Halloween" theme of cource so I spent some time editing all the site images to give the site a "spooking feel" as a being great to look at. I'll keep the design up for a few days so you all can see while it lasts.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Posted on 15/10/09 by Taity-mini
Hey there! I just thought I would post this here to tell you all that I will be on holiday from the 17th to the 24th. So I won't reply to any mail you send me untill I return ( including the submited forms on the website). The forums will be disabled for the time being aswell, sorry for any problems caused by that.

On a final note I will be posting some new projects That I am currently working on and maybe some new stuff for the site, you will just  have to wait and see.

New site design!
Posted on 14/08/09 by Taity-mini
Hey there! I'm sure of you have noticed that I have updated the main website to the new T.M.P site version 2 design. The new design has been built purely from scratch and have has taken me months to complete, so lots of hard working hours have been put into it.

The new website has many new features including the following:
  • A complete re design
  • Loads of new content
  • improved user interface
  • a new php file system
  • My services section is now avaliable to the public
  • and many more....!
So feel free to look around the site, I'll be double checking the site has no errors but if you spot any please feel free to contact me!

Happy first birthday to Taity-mini productions!
Posted on 19/03/09 by Taity-mini
Yep, as in my last update Taity-mini productions is now 1 year old! I'm still working on the new design but it will look brillent. Trust me :) If you can make it tommorow, log on to the forums and enjoy the birthday related fun stuff :) I'll keep you all posted on the new site design as progress increases!

Some updates..
Posted on 12/03/09 by Taity-mini
It's me again, I just wanted to let you all know that Taity-mini productions will be one year old on the 19/03/09! To celebrate our first birthday, I'm planing to update the site design to the new design of the v2 site. I'll leave the scripting aside for now, the site needs a change from the same design for the past year. Also I will be planing on having a "birthday theme" on my forums, hope you all can make it on the 20/03/09 for that! I will update the news again, once the design has been updated!

I'm back and coding..!
Posted on 26/01/09 by Taity-mini
After a long break I'm back and started working on the T.M.P site v2 again, I'm planning to work on the site design for the time being while I learn about creating a control mangement system for my website. I'll keep you all updated as progress increases. On a final note, I've also started work on my forum to improve it for the better, I want more users to keep using it daily to keep it active. If you have any problems on my forums, please feel free to contact me.

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