Archieved News-2008

Happy new year! 31/12/08
I hope you all have a safe, enjoyable and happy new year from us at Taity-mini productions!

Merry christmas everyone! 25/12/08
Merry christmas everyone and have a happy new year from all of us Taity-mini productions!

Happy halloween! 31/10.08
Well it's been a long time since any updates on this site.
Well I like to say happy halloween everyone :).
I'm working on a new website to replace this one. It should be ready soon but I won't release it untill it's 100% complete.

08/6/08 New site!
I would like to thank koen and the nice people at dream host / wildman productions for hosting my web site!
My web site designing services are not available just now but i'll let you know when they are.
This site is my first site using php, so it may have some bugs.
You can contact me using the contact page.
The forums are open for the public aswell, though not everything has been set up.

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